To produce this demonstration painting, I started with a work I created during Spring Art Week last year.
It had a lot of beautiful blues and some interesting shapes, but it was flat, and I didn’t know where to take it next.  I put it on my easel when one of the first groups of children came in this year.
Class members were wearing wonderful hats with antennas on them. Inspired, I invited them to come up one at a time. I handed each of my volunteers a brush loaded with orange.
At my urging, students painted the creatures they were wearing. I ended up with some great orange shapes on top of the orignal blue abstract. Between sessions, I added glazes of rich blue-green to tone down the orange in spots and pull the work together.
What fun!

Night Clouds

To create this demonstration painting for school children at the Western Colorado Center for the Arts, I began by reading the poem “Night Clouds” by Amy Lowell. I asked the students to name their favorite images (word pictures) from the work. This particular group chose the “vermillion tongue” of the rising sun. Students took turns painting red tongues on the blank canvas. Between sessions, I added more color to the images and layered them with glazes that included various shades of reds and orange. The kids loved the poem and I enjoyed sharing the experience.