Poet's Calendar 2010 by bluerabbit
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Here is a calendar I put together a couple of years ago. Each month has a simple poetry challenge. Flip through the virtual pages to find something you like. Think of this as a call from your muse.

Robin in the Snow

Late last month, icy fog hovered over the Colorado River near the Audubon Trail in Grand Junction. There had been several days of relatively warm weather, and bird realtors had started showing prospects promising nesting spots.

The poor robin in this photo was definitely feeling betrayed. His feathers were fluffed up and when we walked by, he tweeted pathetically.

His plight made me think of painters like Van Gogh, poets like Dickinson, and scientists like Goddard. Some people arrive too soon.

Robin in February

He shivers,
puffed up
and betrayed,
in the skeletal
branches of
a young ash,
by the evaporated
promise of
early warmth
and love.
He protests
the unfairness
with small chirps,
but keeps his
watch and waits
for the coming sun.


When we moved into our house here in Colorado, I planted some oriental lilies in pots. Every spring for several years they exploded with color. There were deep reds, oranges, variegated pinks and whites.
They have now been planted in the ground and they still bloom, but they are, well, flesh-colored. I am not sure I want to consider what, if anything, that means.
Anyway, here they are in their original glory. May spring come soon!

February Fog

Cold robin in a barren reww


Soft branches
Soft cliffs
Filtered wings
carry softened geese
urged by nesting
northward over the pale
river; a betrayed
robin protests
this icy setback
with sad chirps
and fluffed feathers.
Miracles sometimes
creep in under
cover even denser
than freezing fog
after a January thaw.

copyright, Linda Armstrong 2/4/10

Winter Flight

a bald eagle flies Bald Eagle in a Tree

Late Winter Flight

Over the blue river
with a cloud-crowned
mesa painted
on the fringe of
the sky, the eagle
gazes out from
frayed branches
of a cottonwood.
Canada geese wedge
up from the south,
lowering their wings
to land in the water.
A robin hops to a weathered
fence above the
icy mud.
Soundless, the eagle glides.

Linda Armstrong 2/1/2010