Robin in the Snow

Late last month, icy fog hovered over the Colorado River near the Audubon Trail in Grand Junction. There had been several days of relatively warm weather, and bird realtors had started showing prospects promising nesting spots.

The poor robin in this photo was definitely feeling betrayed. His feathers were fluffed up and when we walked by, he tweeted pathetically.

His plight made me think of painters like Van Gogh, poets like Dickinson, and scientists like Goddard. Some people arrive too soon.

Robin in February

He shivers,
puffed up
and betrayed,
in the skeletal
branches of
a young ash,
by the evaporated
promise of
early warmth
and love.
He protests
the unfairness
with small chirps,
but keeps his
watch and waits
for the coming sun.

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