Why in the Sky: Stuff I’d Like to See Somebody Invent

Oh, why can’t we see
in our time’s early light
why some things are not made
(or, if made, used)

a desktop computer powered by an exercise bike or a windup laptop,
a city dehumidifier that produces drinking water,
house paint and roofing that generate electricity,
a solar-powered or body-heat-powered phone
draperies or wall coverings that draw heat out of a room and convert it to other forms of energy
a power plant using an alkali desert to generate electricity
city sculptures that generate wind power
roads that power cars
underground cities in the desert
solar roofs on shopping malls and other large buildings
interactive, inexpensive, wind-up or long-life battery-powered electronic math exercise tablets for kids with built-in testing designed on the “levels” concept of electronic games (yes, they do need to memorize and practice addition, subtraction, muliplication, and division–it’s like learning to walk)
similar devices (see above) for basic reading, with sound, including letter/sound associations, frequently-encountered words/word chunks, and simple sentences (also with “levels”) Note: these devices should not have additional capabilities that lead to distractions.
Silence Rooms in homes and workplaces, including meditative artworks (see Robert Irwin’s circle and shadow pieces). Silence is almost impossible to find.

Okay, I have to go eat breakfast now. Do you have any outrageous ideas? (Some of mine already exist and others are ridiculous, so don’t be shy.)