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Sold a copy of this poster today. Need to keep it in mind as I begin NaNoWriMo. I am exhausted. My office looks great, and I have my manuscript, but I misspent much of my day, writing-wise. I had the right idea. I was not going to go online, but I did. I guess winning today, for me, meant a beautiful autumn walk, a nice neat workspace, and the fun of watching a spooky movie after dinner.  Okay, that’s rationalizing. WAAAA!

WINNING has many definitions Print from

Great example of a Book Trailer!

As an author and a stock photographer, I love this trailer. It uses still photography with easy, unobtrusive, yet interesting transitions. It focuses the viewer’s attention on the product rather than itself. I’m saving the link for reference. Of course, I am also using the inspiration as I am beginning to work on my new novel again this month.

Write-A-Thon trailer – YouTube

Getting ready for the holidays

They are already playing Christmas carols in the department stores. This started the week before Halloween. It gets earlier and earlier every year. Soon, they will put out Christmas decorations in July. That said, someone was right on time when they ordered my snowflake pin today. It’s great for winter as well as the holidays. They say flakes will be flying here tomorrow. Today we have the warm before the storm.


Snowflake Christmas Pin from

McDonald Creek

McDonald Creek | Stock Photo |

Sold a copy of this photo on IStock this morning. Alden and I hiked along McDonald Creek on a trip with Zeb Miracle of the Museum of the West in Grand Junction. Zeb is an expert on ancient rock art, and there were some wonderful panels down near the mouth of the canyon, but I enjoyed the designs created by the intermittent stream. Much of the year, there is no water, but this was spring and there were even a few small waterfalls.