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Sold a copy of this fridge magnet today. It shows the San Juan Range from the foothills above Ridgway. That is beautiful country. When we were still teaching in Los Angeles, we spent our summers hiking on the Blue Lakes Trail, the Navajo Lake trail, and more.

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Poetic Asides 2011 November PAD Chapbook Challenge: Day 2 |

“I am soft sift in an hourglass–” Gerard Manley Hopkins

from “The Wreck of the Deutschland”

This single-lettered self

has been busy coning

on a contained glass plane

past sunsets that once seemed

much farther apart, It is the widening future

at the top,


into narrowing presents,

shining moments facet as they fall,

each catching the light and slowing

into the years of insects who cram

lifetimes between a single dawn and dusk.

Linda Armstrong

This was my poem for today. I don’t know whether I will make it all the way through the month, but it is fun right now. Check out the prompts and join in.

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Thanksgiving card for Customers from

Someone just ordered 200 copies of this custom Thanksgiving card for customers and clients! I created a series of these cards with different autumn photos after a speaker suggested sending Thanksgiving cards as a way to let people know that their business is appreciated. I am thrilled that someone was able to use one of the designs!

If you need cards, they are 50% off today, with this code: 4EVERYMOMENT

Thanksgiving card for customer from

Royalty Free Stock Photos: Pottery Wheel






Sold another copy of this popular image on Dreamstime today. It shows the energy and power of creativity. The world’s first cities were built out of dirt and water–clay–in ancient Mesopotamia. Sometimes, the world seems more complicated than it really is.


Royalty Free Stock Photos: Pottery Wheel.