Spring Snow Nature Poster from Zazzle.com

Spring Snow Nature Poster from Zazzle.com.

I sold a copy of this print on Zazzle today. It was taken near Duck Pond Park in the Ridges neighborhood of Grand Junction, Colorado. It was one of those pretty snows we often get in late March or April when the first green leaves, and sometimes blossoms are on the trees. The white fluff sits lightly on swelling boughs like grace, while cotton-like clouds drift in sweet blue skies.

Each time of year here is pure magic. This morning, we walked around a lake near Fruita, about ten miles from our home. Flocks of geese and several species of ducks were resting out near the middle under a warm November sun. They reminded me of myself on trips from Los Angeles, stopping over in motels to recharge, or, in the midst of a large creative project to, well, go buy stuff for Thanksgiving.