Crystal Lake

Here’s a summer photo from Crystal Lake in Ironton Park above Ouray, Colorado on the Million Dollar Highway. The peaks in the background are the Red Mountains, looming above the historic mining district. Time to plan summer vacations.

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Source: Crystal Lake

Creating an Art Inventory

Creating an Art Inventory

After having new shelves installed in my garage, I’m finally getting around to organizing, um, a lot of years worth of drawings, paintings, and other artworks. I’ve been posting them for sale on POD and original sites online and I need a record of what is available where, as well as the dimensions, creation year, and current asking price for each. I just installed the new Office, and was considering creating a database in Access, but I use Excel spreadsheets for my taxes, and that is probably easier. This blog post give the details. 

Bad Bad Bad

I signed up for the Art Every Day Challenge, thinking it would be a refreshing break from my writing each day to do a drawing or painting. (I am participating in NaNoWriMo, the Poem a Day Challenge, and Picture Book Idea Month.)

Uh, I signed up for too much. I am not sorry though. So far, I am more than half-way through the 20,000 words I had left to write on a draft of my novel, I have more than 100 ideas for picture books, and I have written 12 new contemporary free verse poems.

As far as the Art a Day Challenge goes, I have gone out to shoot landscape photographs every day. It is a season of transition here in western Colorado. We have had the last of fall color, the first snow, some exciting wind that scoured out the haze, and a spectacular storm with billowing clouds. It would have been a sin to stay indoors, and I use photographs as sources for my other artwork.

I sell some of my photographs on Royalty-Free stock sites including Shutterstock, IStock, Dreamstime, BigStock, Fotalia, Veer, Depositphotos, Canstock, 123 Royalty Free and more, but I do not count my straight digital captures as artwork. I will see if I can post some new art tomorrow. Image

For now, here are some deer we spotted at the Grand Junction Wildlife Refuge near the Colorado River. They were watching us from a grove of cottonwoods. The image is cropped from a larger frame and is more than a bit soft, but I wanted to share them with you.

Autumn at the Wildlife Sanctuary

Autumn at the Wildlife Sanctuary

in their last days
autumn leaves
grow more brilliant
against the desert
sky while the pond
stays still
and the river
flows by.
People fall
out of my
life like leaves
and memories
while the I
in my mind
is still
the one
who listened
to evening
sounds outside
the window
when I was four,
and, like the river,
hours flow by.

Some Help for Artists, Galleries, Private Collections and Museums Impacted by Hurricane Sandy

If you are on the East Coast, follow the link below for some timely information regarding special assistance.

Some Help for Artists, Galleries, Private Collections and Museums Impacted by Hurricane Sandy.

Just Playing Around and Enjoying the Weather

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For the last couple of weeks, Alden and I have been enjoying the spring weather here on the Western Slope. We head out in the morning or at midday to eat and take a walk. We never know what we are going to see. The state park at Fruita recently opened a trail all the way around one of the lakes. It hosts many kinds of wild birds. I used the telephoto lens on my digital DSLR to capture some of them, but they weren’t very sharp. I modified them in Photoshop, then printed them out on drawing paper. I’ve had great fun modifying them further with watercolor pencils. (By the way, I have changed the title of the white flying bird. It is a Western Grebe, not a Caspian Tern.)
As you will discover, if you follow this blog, I have too many interests and am easily led astray. I say this because, though I have enjoyed this break, I need to resume work on an exciting new writing project.