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Sold a copy of this file on iStock today. It doesn’t look like that yet. In fact, today we took a walk at Robb State Park in Fruita and we were stripping off our jackets. It’s beautiful outside. Actually, it’s time to hike in the canyons. The golden leaves are gone, but the air is crisp and bright and the high desert sun is warm. Lots of Canada geese and mallard ducks are resting on the lakes.

Shadow Lake | Stock Photo | iStock.

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Sold a copy of this card today. The river won’t look like this for a couple of months. It’s that in-between time now. It’s no longer fall, but it isn’t really winter yet.

Yesterday, we walked along the Redlands Canal down to Connected Lakes State Park. Golden leaves, formerly in the trees, were on the walkway. There wasn’t much water in the canal either, but there were ducks. We even saw a wood duck. They are not very common around here. The wood duck picture above was taken by somebody else and shared through Wikipedia. It was really cloudy and getting dark, so I didn’t have my camera. We didn’t see the female, just the male.

Colorado River in Winter Post Cards from

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Moonscapes 3D | Moonscapes 3D- Digital Scanning & Enlargement

Moonscapes 3D | Moonscapes 3D- Digital Scanning & Enlargement.

This is David Moon’s business! I heard him speak on Wednesday night. Still thinking about it. Some people are just amazing.

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Connected Lakes in Autumn



Autumn Lake Nature Photo Poster from

On Thursday, we stopped by Connected Lakes State Park on our way home from Highline Lake. The cottonwoods were just starting to turn. We may go down there later for a walk. This is the best time of year to be outdoors in our valley!


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Country road in autumn

Autumn in the Country Print from

We’ve been out hiking in the countryside all week. The autumn weather has been absolutely spectacular.  We took a day off to rest. My husband has been building a model of a Santa Fe sand house while watching football. I attended a seminar on blogging and was inspired to post again.

February Fog

Cold robin in a barren reww


Soft branches
Soft cliffs
Filtered wings
carry softened geese
urged by nesting
northward over the pale
river; a betrayed
robin protests
this icy setback
with sad chirps
and fluffed feathers.
Miracles sometimes
creep in under
cover even denser
than freezing fog
after a January thaw.

copyright, Linda Armstrong 2/4/10

Winter Flight

a bald eagle flies Bald Eagle in a Tree

Late Winter Flight

Over the blue river
with a cloud-crowned
mesa painted
on the fringe of
the sky, the eagle
gazes out from
frayed branches
of a cottonwood.
Canada geese wedge
up from the south,
lowering their wings
to land in the water.
A robin hops to a weathered
fence above the
icy mud.
Soundless, the eagle glides.

Linda Armstrong 2/1/2010