The Waiting Time

in answer to Jane

the orchards and vineyards
are still bare;
late winter winds
rattle branches
below the snowy
bluffs of Horse Mountain
and farmers pace
like anxious fathers
in hospital corridors,
checking the heaters
and plucking buds
to see which still
contain the sweet
promise of fruit.
The pruning has been
done. The ditches
are burned. All
is clear, except
what lies ahead
and, on this hazy
Saturday, there’s nothing
to do but take out
new clothes, hide eggs
for the children,
and wait.

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A Horse Cart Tour of Clark Family Orchards Slide Show

Agritourism is very popular in Europe and is gaining a following in the United States. Tours and activities provide a fascinating glimpse into the vital and complex art of farming.

The next time you visit the Grand Valley, Colorado, be sure to include a Saturday morning. During the summer (July 19-August 29 in 2009), Clark Family Orchards offers a free, informative and entertaining tour. A horse-drawn tram leaves the family fruit stand (3929 US Highway 6 & 24) at 9 AM and 10 AM on Saturdays only.

Palisade Peaches

Palisade Peaches by bluerabbit
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Today, Alden and I drove out to pick up our 1/4 share at the CSA in Palisade.

We were going to take the tour at Clark Orchards. They have a cart pulled by two gorgeous gray mules. (Rides are offered each Saturday at 9 AM and 10 AM)

We were a few minutes late, though, so we will have try again in a couple of weeks. (Next weekend I will be speaking at the Scribblers Retreat Writers Conference.)

The peaches are rosy and ripe in the orchards. They are ready for the renowned Palisade Peach Festival next weekend.

We are not waiting. We will enjoy their unique tangy juiciness for dessert tonight. YUM!

By the way, if you visit Palisade and pick up a flat of peaches, you might want to try this delicious recipe for peach sorbet, this one for a super peach smoothie, or this one for a prize-winning peach pie recipe.